This blog is to showcase steals, thrills, & mega deals in the shopping world. By this, I don't mean snatching up a Coach bag off E-bay for a couple hundred bones...I mean snatching up EVERYDAY needs (& sometimes wants) for pennies on the children's socks for $1, cream of mushroom soup for 50 cents, Old Navy skirts for 99 it? Feel free to pass any of YOUR fab finds my way & I'll post them, giving credit to you of course. Happy Savings!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

catch a hidden coupon & save some dough-rae-mi

Old Navy'sFundamentals Sale.
Click Here to check it out.

Also, there's this fun little page where you can click around and find a coupon.
I think there are only 10% off & 15% off coupons hop to.
Click Here to check it out.

Eco-friendly, practical use, entertainment for kids, & on SALE!

Take a seat, little ones!
And then go ahead & decorate it.

These fun little cardboard box chairs are on sale from Land of Nod:
was: $69 for 2
NOW: $24.95 for 2

prance on over to pottery barn kids . com for some sweet dreams

Brady's Airplane Crib Sheeting
fitted sheet
was $16
NOW $5.99

Pink Patchwork Stars Nursery Bedding
was $69
NOW $19.99

(ps- I bought my daughter's crib bumper from pbk, clearance of course, and it has been washed & dryed many times & still looks fabulous! These little babies are tough!)

Last Challenge. And then we're done.

-So before I give you the last challenge for our fabulous February game, let me just say I will probably not get around to announcing the winner until Sunday or possibly even Monday.

Caution: Crazy Weekend Up Ahead.
-I want to go through and tally up all ya'll's points again to make sure you and I match.

-Also, some of you had a question as to whether or not you got the 5 extra points for the grocery sack garbage challenge if you use all grocery bags throughout your house except for your kitchen.
Sorry, folks. Only 5 extra for that challenge if ALL you use throughout your WHOLE house are grocery type sacks....even kitchen.

So your last challenge is this:
Have a nice little sit-down with Hubby, or room-mate, or the Parentals....whomever you co-habitate with, and discuss what you as a household are going to do to cut back on expenses. It doesn't have to be a major cut-back, but a cut-back nonetheless.

Hayley: I hereby vow to be more conscious of my paper towel usage.
Tyler: How so?
Hayley: I will NOT use paper towels when a sponge or dish towel will do the trick. And if I do use a paper towel for a small little water wipe-up, I will fold it nicely and save it for the next time I need to grab a quick nappie.
Tyler: Well done.

Also, it doesn't have to be something from our game.
Whatever you choose to do to save a buck or 2 is awesome!
Just let us all know what you choose.

10 POINTS for this challenge.
Go out with a bang, Ladies. Out with a bang.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hosting a Western Hoe-Down par-tay any time soon?
Well you can't possibly serve goodies without these adorable pieces.

Saddle-Up 6 Piece Party Set
was $75
NOW $15.97
and try this code for $5 off shipping: BF263
(not sure if it'll work, but worth a $ saving shot, right?)

4 plates
4-slot tray
chip & dip hat
ps- horsehead cookie jar sold separately... just kind of freaks me out a bit so I didn't want to do a whole post about it.

Brush up on those ABC's & 123's

Storyreader Plus Video System
was $60.97
NOW $9.99 after coupon code: Readerbundle
click don't want to miss this one!

Are you drooling? You will be in just a sec.

Cue salivating NOW.
Brownies Cookbook. A whole cookbook dedicated to brownies...who knew?


What will they think of next?

Targus Portable LapDesk Stand
was $39.99

Friday's Challenge...ALMOST THERE!!!

So for Friday, we're going to see just how much you've learned over the course of 28 days.

Second to Last Challenge:
Choose 5, yes I repeat, 5 challenges and do all 5 of them in 1 day. Can you do it? Do you have true frugality-ness in your chi?

Let's find out.

1-I will do the toilet paper challenge.
2-I will make a change jar & collect random coin findings all day long.
3-I will NOT ALLOW anyone in my house to eat restaurant bought food today,
except for 1 meal.
4-I will turn my heater down....way down.
5-I will forego using the car for a few of my errands today and walk instead.

By doing this, I will earn 10 points for EVERY challenge I complete. must complete ALL 5 to get ANY points.

So basically it's 50 points or nothin.

Go Team! You can do it!

And here I go again messing up all your points, but I had no idea you would all be able to find such KILLER deals on the challenge where you had to find an item you want & then find it for a cheaper price.

I am going to set the cap for points on that challenge at 70 points. So if you got more than 70 points, then you can only tally up 70 for that challenge (I will adjust your score for you).....and if you got less than 70 points for that challenge, then this doesn't apply to your score. Sorry...again...for being a stickler.

Okay, start organizing your day of a frugal lifestyle for tomorrow!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Car Seat Sale! Car Seat Sale!

In the market for a stellar child safety restraint? Check these fellas out.

Free shipping when you spend over $75 with code: B2A28

The challenges are winding down....sob....

Oh you know the old cliche - "All good things must come to an end."
And there unfortunately is no exception with our February Frugality Challenge.

So as we wrap up the game to find our Savvy Shopping and Frugality Queen,
here's your 3rd to last challenge:

For Thursday, Feb 26th, let's find out how many points you have.

I know this will take some backtracking, but I want to make sure my records match with yours.
So....tally up your points for Thursday's Challenge.

It'd be helpful if you could document kind of like this:
toilet paper challenge: 1 point
no bottled water challenge: 1 point
turn off a light challenge: 15 points

Tallying up your points will earn you 15 points!
Include Thursday's Challenge in your updated points.

ALSO...I know this is coming a bit late, but I have some point changes to make for 1 of the challenges.

The points for the shorter shower challenge were awarded weirdly, and I think rather than awarding those who generally take extremely long showers, we should award this way instead-

If your shower was:
less than 1 minute: 10 points
1 minute: 9 points
2 minutes: 8 points
3 minutes: 7 points
4 minutes: 6 points
5 minutes: 5 points
6 minutes: 4 points
7 minutes: 3 points
8 minutes or more: 2 points
I apologize for this, but think this may be a bit more fair.
Feel free to bring up your beef with me if you may have any.

Shuffled Music to My Ears

IPOD Shuffle 1GB $29.00 with FREE SHIPPING!

Holds up to 240 songs
Up to 12 hours of music playback
.55 ounce
1.62 x 1.07 x 0.41 inches
Apple Earphones
USB dock included

love, love, LOVE this comforter set!!!

How adorable is this??? Use coupon code BHENTERTAIN for an additional discount!

$28.78 after discount & shipping! Not too shabby.

Here's the product description:
"Total Bed Set™: includes polyfilled comforter, bedskirt, 2 standard shams (1 with twin, 2 king with king), sheet set with 1 flat, 1 fitted sheet and 2 std. pillowcases (1 with twin, 2 king with king). Polyester/cotton; sheets are cotton/polyester. Machine wash; spot clean pillow."

Childrens Place, Childrens Place...We Love The Children's Place!

Check out their MONSTER SALE & get an additional 15% off with coupon code # SA29!

Sing & Read, what more could your child want?

Mary Had A Little Lamb Sing-a-long book.
was: $15.95
NOW: $2.99

Safeway Specials O' The Week.

Grapes are 88 cents a pound again. Stock up & freeze them....they're DEE-LISH!

Sweet Gold Pineapple $2.88 each.

Campbell's Select Harvest Soup 88 cents each (Saturday & Sunday only)!

Pop Secret Microwave 1 get 1 free!

1 lb Eating Right Baby Carrots $1 per bag.

Nabisco Snak Saks $1 EACH!!! Load up, friends!

All prices are effective Wed, Feb 25th - Tues, March 3rd.

Wednesdays's Point Earner: Take Out the Papers & the Trash

Today we save money on our garbage.
That's some cash on your trash.

How? Well here's your challenge:

Today we shall use NO trash bags. In their place, we will be using grocery sacks. I agree that sometimes garbage calls for the Hefty & what not, but if you're like me & you take your trash out MANY times a day, then you're throwing $ away with every visit to the dumpster.


10 points for those who refill their can with grocery sacks today.
And an EXTRA 5 for those who already use grocery sacks.

And you know what, I got very little sleep last night so I'm a bit grouchy, thus I have no patience for money wasters today.
If you use trash bags like these:

you lose 8 points for the day. I mean c' yourself a cute shirt or some curtains in this pattern, but don't buy a garbage bag in toile print.

Have a good one :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

National Pancake Day??? Who Knew???

Just another thing I love about being American....we are willing to proclaim a day for any & everything. And I support that we have a National Pancake Day.

And thank goodness IHOP does too. Free short stack today (3 pancakes) between 7-10 am.

I believe the pancakes are free, but they are accepting donations for the Children's Miracle Network if interested.

Free Blanket & Bear for the wee little ones

That's right, you heard me correctly...FREE! All you have to do is fill out your address & this sweet little set will soon grace the presence of your mailbox:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 24th Challenge: Today's the day we Go Green! Read on...

.....I'm not talking about becoming an environmentalist or saving trees for a day (although that's not a bad idea), but I am talking about green as in vegetables, gardening,
you know -- the great outdoors.
Oh, and saving a little green as a byproduct.

Here's your challenge for Tuesday:
Discuss garden plans with your spouse or those you live with. If a large vegetable/fruit garden isn't a possibility for you, then discuss the possibility of growing your own herbs. Herbs are actually quite easy to grow & maintain, & most can be done in a pot. So NO EXCUSES!

Points, Points, so what about the Points?
Discuss WHAT you will plant: 2 pts
Discuss WHERE you will plant: 2 pts
Discuss WHEN you will plant: 2 pts
Any extra steps you take towards planting will result in
5 extra points per step.

-Tyler & I discuss that we will plant tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, green beans, pumpkins, squash, peas, & herbs this year. 2pts
-Tyler & I discuss the placement of each plant...potatoes along the fence, tomatoes in the cages by the edge of the garden.... 2 pts
-Tyler & I discuss we will start planting Saturday, March 7th. 2 pts
-I do some research on-line to learn more about growing herbs. 5 pts
-I go to OSH & buy our seeds. 5pts
-I mix in some compost out back. 5pts
*TOTAL for the day: 21 pts*

Why the garden?
Because everything we plant are things we eat in our household. It's a whole heck of a lot cheaper to grow them on my own than to buy them at the store.

Here's why it's cheaper:
1- I don't charge myself for the produce (duh)
2- I'm not paying for pesticides and farm fees for my produce
3- I'm not paying for gas for the produce delivery truck.
4- I'm not paying to help the selling grocery stores make a profit.

And in addition, I like knowing that we have some sense of's unfortunately a dying trait in our society.

Happy Garden Discussions!

Time for another Old Navy sale!

30% off New Arrivals at Old Navy!

Use coupon code:

Bermudas for Little Girls

These cute shorts from are on clearance for $1.50!!!
Shipping is only 97 cents, or you may possibly be able to ship them to the store for free.

How does a FREE Quiznos Sub sound right about now?

Sounds pretty good to me! Quiznos is giving away 1 MILLION subs, so hurry on over to their site and fill out the form for your free sandy.

Thanks to Lenessa for this DELICIOUS find!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gamers: Now that you have all that extra change in your pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling....

......let's see how much MORE you can save!

Here's your challenge for Monday, Feb 23 -again a multi-parter-

1- think of something you WANT really, REALLY, rEaLlY BAD (purse, shoes, furniture, car, gourmet chocolates?)

2- find the msrp (manufacturers suggested retail price) of that product

3- find that baby on-line or in a store for LESS than the retail price
(keep in mind we're not buying these things, we're just doing a little learning exercise, so feel free to dream big today)
1 PT for every percent cheaper you find it for

Horrible wording, I know, so let me explain:

1- I want some horse-riding style boots - (3 pts)
2- they're usually $310 - (5 pts)
3- found them on DSW.COM for $179.94
That's savings of 41.9% (so 41.9 PTS)

so my total for the challenge would be: 41.9+5+3= 49.9 pts

Here's the calculation to find the percentage:
old price ($310) minus new price ($179.94) = your difference ($130.06)
your difference ($130.06) divided by old price ($310) = percentage of savings (.419 = 41.9%)

So the point of this challenge is not only to learn some fun cool mathematics equations, but mostly to realize we don't always have to deprive ourselves of things we want.
There are almost, close to always, ways to find things for less than what's being asked.

So go on & get, imaginary shopping!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Need A Good Read?

You can find it for 25% off at Borders!

Coupon Code: