This blog is to showcase steals, thrills, & mega deals in the shopping world. By this, I don't mean snatching up a Coach bag off E-bay for a couple hundred bones...I mean snatching up EVERYDAY needs (& sometimes wants) for pennies on the children's socks for $1, cream of mushroom soup for 50 cents, Old Navy skirts for 99 it? Feel free to pass any of YOUR fab finds my way & I'll post them, giving credit to you of course. Happy Savings!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

LOVE these BOWLS!!!

In fact I love them so much I may just have to purchase some.

used to be $29.95

Matching textured glass 14" platters.

used to be $39.95

Ready to update your table runner?

I LOVE this stripey-fun Nautical Stripe Table Runner from Home Shopping Network.

And not only is the print fabulous, but the price is even MORE FABULOUS!

used to be $24.95

Not a fan of the sea? Then how about the Coated Table Runner?

used to be $19.95

Green no matchy your kitchen? Then here's your last option. How about throwing down the Natural Stripe Table Runner?

used to be $39.95

Bryan Adams was my first cassette tape.

And therefore my first crush.

Thank heavens we have come a long way from the ol' - tape-ol-a & the infatutaion of Mr. Adams.

You can now download Bryan Adams' entire album"Reckless"
from Amazon for 99 CENTS!

Kaari, this one has your name written all over it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome to..."The February Frugality Game"

Dear Savvy Shoppers,

Have I got a deal for You! Here's your chance to win a $30 gift card to the place of your choice! Target? Done. iTunes? It's yours. Baskin Robbins? Eat up.

The Name of the Game is: The February Frugality Game

The Purpose of the Game is: This is my V-Day gift to my hub. I will be saving $ EVERY DAY. And that's true love when you're married to an accountant.

And in addition, you & I will hopefully realize how making little everyday changes can add up to major savings.

The Rules of the Game:
-Every day in February, I will post a challenge for saving $.
-If you fulfill the challenge for the day, leave a comment telling us all what you did and you will get a point. If you don't blog, send me an email @
-The challenges will get trickier as the month goes on.
-Some of the challenges will allow for multiple points.

-The contestant who racks up the most points at the end of February will be our
Grand Prize Winner!

-And not only will you win a gift card, but you will win......are you ready for this?......
The Title of February's Savvy Shopper!

Share this with your friends, lovers, enemies. If you're like me, you LOVE, THRIVE, LIVE for bring some competition to the game.

Feel free to ask q's through "comments" or via email.

Best of Luck!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a few lil reasons why Old Navy receives my love:

I guess the overall occurring theme here is that
ALL CLEARANCE is an ADDITIONAL 50% off right now.

Enter promo code: HALFOFF at checkout

Reason #1: hat & mitten set.....99 cents

Reason #2: Boys hoody..... $2.99

Reason #3: Girls striped turtleneck..... $2.99

Reason #4: A gazillion socks..... $3.99

I know for sure you can get 50% off on-line, but I'm not sure if this applies to clearance in store as well....anyone know?

And a big THANKS to my friend Becky for this little tid-bit of information. It's good to know that even though you've moved from the Bay Area, your Savvy Shopper Self lives on.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bagels by the Bag-full!

Safeway Bakery bagels are 25 cents each!
That's 4 for a buck. 8 for 2. 12 for 3. You get it.
I believe they are a quarter a pop until next Tuesday. Dee-lish!

And since you're already there, you may as well snag some grapes.......88 cents / lb......sweet.

And 1 more stop before you leave. Select GM cereals on sale for $1.99!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It may be winter, but Pumpkin Patch is sproutin' some great deals!

Save an extra 10% off already reduced prices.
Enter coupon code USES28JA at the delivery details page.

Just a couple of sweet steals from PP-

$8.99 + additional 10% discount

$5.99 + additional 10% discount

$5.99 + additional 10% discount

$6.99 + additional 10% discount

$9.99 + additional 10% discount
$5.99 + additional 10% discount

Happy Hearts Day to the Scruffy-Faced Mountain Man

has some pretty smokin deals going on right now.

And speaking of smokin...

Is a home sausage kit everything your Valentine has ever dreamed of? Check.
was $12.99 NOW $4.88

How about a Coolvent Sleepcell Sleeping Bag? Mark this one off too.

was $59.99 NOW $19.88

And aint nothin says "I love You" more than a 2L Hydration Pack. List complete.

was $19.99 NOW $12.88

Put a Little Sass in Your Step

Looking for hot quality shoes for hot little prices?

Here are a few little nibbles of what I'm talking about.

Carsyn: $59.67....was $133.00

Saba: $32.18....was $73.00

Flirt: $35.10....was $79.00

Gisele $26.91....was $93.00

Willa: $23.40....was $83.00

Ginger: $44.46....was $173.00

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Goodnight Sweetheart Land Of Nod Post

Question: What's more important than a child being a good sleeper?
Answer: Well, a good sleeping child with a hip lamp-shade, of course. Duh!

Land of Nod is offering some SWEETNESS deals on lampshades.

So wake-up from your slumber and start saving some dough!

Check these hot tops out:

All regularly $19.95 - $24.oo, now marked down to $3.95 - $4.95!!!

Nighty Night.

The Fun & Games Land of Nod Post

Do cold, rainy days have you and your babes going CaBiN cRaZy?!?!?

Here are some fun toys/games from Land Of Nod. Yes, some are a bit pricier than many DSS posts, but their savings are fantastic.

So I warn you, only buy it if you NEED it. Like if you absolutely, HAVE TO HAVE, there's no question of whether or not tomorrow will come if you don't buy it.

That constitutes a NEED.

The Mr. Chainy Making Kit was $12.95 NOW $5.95

It's All Fun & Games Giant Game Book (perfect for travel)
Featuring 6 games was $35.00 NOW $12.95

Don't Lose Your Marbles Game was $24.95 NOW $9.95

Call Your Pocket Pool Table was $169.00 NOW $69.00

Ping Pong Junior was $129.00 NOW $49.00

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Safeway Savings

Select Lucerne yogurt flavors on sale 10/$4......that's 40 cents each!

Fresh Express bagged lettuce on sale 10/$10.....
that's right, 10 bags of lettuce for $10 = $1 a bag!

Can you grow it yourself for cheaper than that? Possibly, but then you have seed, soil, and water costs. So just buy the bag for $1.

Shade ----- a retailer I frequent.

First thing first, I'm not neglecting my child. I'm sure you're thinking, "WOW. Homegirl is really saving me $ with all her hot posts today, but when does she play Mommy?"

Answer: Babycakes took a lovely long nap today and now she's out with Pops. No fear. We've got plans when she returns.

With feelings of possible guilt shed, I now introduce you to Free Shipping at

Free standard shipping on all orders until Jan 31st.

Plus, check out the sale section...savings up to 75% off! Yippy Skippy!

You can take me to dinner...for really cheap!

Restaurant Dot Com has done it again.
Dee-lish food for really cheap!


Enter discount code: SAVE

(make sure you note the fine print, just so you don't find any surprises when you redeem)

I've got a bucket, got a bucket full of cookies

Ummm...this makes my mouth water!

David's Cookies . com

David's Bucket of Love

Save 15% with code: VDAYHP15
& there's free shipping for this item!

I just like the name of this little guy,'s Philips Powersquid Power Strip. Say it again --- isn't it fun to say?
It makes me want some calamari real bad.
But back to business:

Usually $49.99.......marked down to $8.99!
What? That's savings of 82%.
Sit down for this one...
And you get FREE SHIPPING!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Say Goodbye to Linens & Things...

Say Hello to a few good deals!

Turkey Platter $2.49!

Ten Strawberry Street White Creamer $1.99!

Majesty Solid Window Curtains-valance $7.49 & BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

(note that this price is for VALANCE not PANEL)

Finishing Touch Finial Bishop Black $3.24 / 2!