This blog is to showcase steals, thrills, & mega deals in the shopping world. By this, I don't mean snatching up a Coach bag off E-bay for a couple hundred bones...I mean snatching up EVERYDAY needs (& sometimes wants) for pennies on the children's socks for $1, cream of mushroom soup for 50 cents, Old Navy skirts for 99 it? Feel free to pass any of YOUR fab finds my way & I'll post them, giving credit to you of course. Happy Savings!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Your Lovey will Love this on V.Day!

Fondue for two, please. Check this romantic deal out at WILLIAMS-SONOMA.COM

$9.99........CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

If your Valentine is anything like mine, he will MELT when he sees this great penny-saving, tasty, made-with-love purchase.


hteuscher said...

Dear Savvy Shopper,
I have a problem. I need to purchase 30+ birthday cards for my husbands family (I am the only one not to send out cards). I dont want to spend a ton, do you have any suggestions on where to look?

Wishing there were less Relatives

Atwoods said...

Dear Wishing there were less Relatives,

I see how you could be in a quandry. However, ponder no more. I have an answer: yes, I know where to get cards for cheap!

dollar tree sells birthday cards 2 for $1. you do the math.

our nearest one is on el camino near dd's (ghetto) discounts and that area.

Hope that helps!

Atwoods said...

oops, "quandry" should be quandary. i'd have left it, but i'm kind of a spelling freak & would likely stay up all night if i didn't correct it.

carry on.