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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub...for $3

Ain't no handwashing experience like a little Moonlight Path soaking into the skin. Stock up your anti-bacterial soap collection at $3 a bottle from Bath & Body Works. Yippee!

May I offer a suggestion? Coconut Lime Verbena & Cherry Blossom are both DEE-LISH!
(ps- always nice to have a stock-pile on hand for those last minute gift occasions...who wouldn't love a pretty bottle of tasty soap? Just a suggestion.)


Natalie said...

Or try Hayley's favorite scent...PLUMERIA!

Atwoods said...

oh, sorry, i'm back now. i had to excuse myself for a quick barf, but i've returned.

how sweet of you to remember my favorite scent, nat! :)

Kristine Gray said...

Love these soaps. Is there a expiration on this deal?

Barf huh? Something going on? ;-)

Atwoods said...

in response to kristine's comment -- i don't know when it ends...i'll let you know if i find out.

and also in response to kristine's comment -- no, no announcement to make. that plumeria scent just makes my head pound and my tummy turn whenever i smell it. i had a "boyfriend" in jr. high give me the lotion for christmas one year and that's when i decided the relationship was over. the smell is hideous to me. that's all :)

Kristine Gray said...

oh, I get the inside joke now. sorry about that. Yeah, plumeria does reek.