This blog is to showcase steals, thrills, & mega deals in the shopping world. By this, I don't mean snatching up a Coach bag off E-bay for a couple hundred bones...I mean snatching up EVERYDAY needs (& sometimes wants) for pennies on the children's socks for $1, cream of mushroom soup for 50 cents, Old Navy skirts for 99 it? Feel free to pass any of YOUR fab finds my way & I'll post them, giving credit to you of course. Happy Savings!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The After Christmas Gifts...

...can be found at WILLIAMS SONOMA DOT COM.

Mix your neighborly give-aways with these fabulous spatulas
(I don't care what anyone says...WS spatulas are the greatest EVER!)

Green Silicone Spatulas & Spoonulas:

small: $2.99

med: $2.99

large: $3.99

And here's an idea for your neighborly give-aways next year

Stained-Glass Holiday Cookie Cutters, set of 4: $5.99

Hang these personalized babies in order to score on lots of treats from Santa!

Personalized Holiday Cutwork Stockings:

non-personalized: $7.99

personalized: $9.99

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pottery Barn odds-n-ends

Need a face lift to your decor, but don't want to shovel out mega-cash?

Why not change the look of the entire room with a few pick-me-ups?
Here are a few simple CHEAP solutions:


Harper Shower Vinyl Curtain: $4.99


Popcorn Bolster Pillow Cover: $4.99


Stripe Grommet Cafe Curtain & Valance

Valance - 44 x 15" : $7.99

Cafe Curtain - 44 x 26" : $9.99

44 x 38" : $12.99

Living Room:

Sari Chindi Mat: 2 x 3' : $4.99

If Sensual Amber, Japanese Cherry Blossom, & Midnight Pomegranate ring a bell...

...then you must be a Bath &Body Works lover.

$3 Signature Collection Body Creams
until this Sunday, December 28th.

If I may make a recommendation, the Sensual Amber is delicious! Stock up for stocking stuffers or for year-round goodies to gift out to those you want to smell yummy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

ho, ho, HUNGRY!



They are having an 80% off deal on all gift certificates until December hurry!

Here's what I just got:

3 - $25 gift certificates to Rok Bistro
each one for $10 each
minus the 80% discount =

Grand Total of:
$75 of food at Rok Bistro for $6

in the "enter discount code" box, enter the code HOLIDAY

Consider this my Christmas gift to you & your fellow diners.

Christmas Music to My Ears

Who doesn't love a good Christmas ditty this time of year? Deseret Book has several cds on sale; many 50% off. All of these Christmas cds are currently $4.99!

Happy dancing & singing!

Toyz Shmoyz.

My child is deprived of toys, but has an abundance of books. That must be why she's so stinkin' intelligent; at least that's what I know for a fact.

Therefore, I shall continue to load up on great reads like THESE from Deseret Book.

Snug as a bug in a rug



performance fleece blankets at

Old Navy for $3.

search for your nearest store

Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

Well of course it're wearing your bluejay colored tank top from Shade Clothing that you got for only $4.99!

You should warm up by putting on your fleece pom-pom hat from Old Navy that you got for only $2.99!

GAP.....$10.....2 DAYS

A few noteworthy items in-store at
Gap DEC 19 & 20TH for $10:

-women's layering tees: all whisper thin turtlenecks and long-sleeved super soft crewnecks

-men's thermal crewnecks

-all flannel gapbody pj pants

-babygap & gapkids all pro-fleece logo hoodies

-babygap all pro-fleece logo one-pieces

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bargain Books @ Borders!

Love to read?
Love children's books?
Love to read children's books you saved moola on?

Check out the "Border's Bargains" section at your local Borders Bookstore.

I got these youngin' books...for $2.99 each (at the Borders @ Santana Row)!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

PEDEGG...ever heard of it?

Who says eggs represent Easter? This year they can be the hottest Christmas gift!
Apparently the PEDEGG is the all the new rage.

Lindsay Y said she found a great deal on the pedegg & free refills at's what she said:

"PedEgg at Walgreen's for $10 and you get a 3-pack of refill files for free ($10 value)! They didn't have signs up about it, but a woman came up to me in line and handed me the refills and said, "I hear these are free this week if you buy the PedEgg."

Let me know if it's as fabulous as it sounds!

Thanks, L.Y.!

CRAZY low prices from CRAZY 8 is having 60% off sale with free shipping until Tuesday and all remaining merchandise has been reduced by an additional 25% off. Use free10 for an additional $10 off $30.

Thanks for this one, Tran!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch...Growing great deals!!!

They have such darling clothes and excellent quality.

Thanks for the heads up on this one, Lindsay Y!

Made in the Shade

Shade Clothing is offering an additional 25% off markdowns, and FREE SHIPPING through December 18th.

For some reason I can't attach a link right now, so here's their Web site:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

I've heard from many mums that
this book
is wonderful!

My friend, Lindsay Y, said Ross has several copies of the book for $7.99....regularly $24.99.

Thanks Lindsay! Avy looks forward to many deceptively delicious meals from you :)

Old Navy Does it Again.

30% off of ALREADY MARKED DOWN CLEARANCE items! How seriously awesome is this? Check out my pics & their coordinating prices below.....and then you be the judge.

Baby/Toddler jammers...marked down to $3.99. With an additional 30% off= $2.79!

Cute rocker chic tee marked down to $2.99. With an additional 30% off = $2.09!

Cute striped hooded shirt marked down to $3.99. With an additional 30% off = $2.79!

Adorable Sweater Hoody Dress marked down to $4.49. With additional 30% off = $3.14!

Bat Halloween costume marked down to 99 cents. With an additional 30% off = 74 cents!

FI-FI the Poodle Costume = 74 cents!

Kitty-Cat Halloween Costume = 74 cents!

Here's the deal:
I took all of the Halloween costumes, there were only 7 left. They are all size 0-6 months. If you'd like one of them, I will give 2 of them away to the first bloggers who let me know they're interested. The other 5 will find a good home on craigslist.

Lots of good stuff at Old Navy folks!

More Apple Juice, Please.

I recently posted AJ for sale at Safeway...$1.99.


It is now 2 for $3.

And if my calculations are correct, that'd be $1.50 each.

Thank you Brother Austin for informing me of this find.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do you cook with MSG?

Don't we all?

As much as we hate to admit it, chicken broth is a staple in a Mormon casserole home.

2 for 88 cents at Longs (at least at the one on Homestead in Santa Clara near Safeway).

offer goes until 12/13

Hot lady, coming through.

My friend Melanie, who is always very fashionable I might add, sent me this one:

Jeans at Express: 2 for the price of 1

She said they are usually $70, but are now $29.95. HOWEVER, they are not being advertised, nor is there a sign near the jeans, so DOUBLE-CHECK with the cashier before you go a-swipin' the ol plastic.

Thanks, Mel!

Now You Can Have Your Cake & Eat it too!

Thanks to my friend Abby, I am proud to announce this:

Betty Crocker cake mixes at Safeway for 89 cents.

2 words: FOOD STORAGE. Even if you have no eggs to mix, or no heat to cook with, you can always survive on dry packaged cake mix; at least that's the belief I subscribe to.


Thanks, A!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Have a budding artist on your Christmas list?

80 piece art kit at Michael's for $2.99!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

J. Crew dot com

My friend, Sara, sent me this one:

Additional 30% off markdowns at JCREW.COM.

Thanks, beautiful Sara!


Gymboree is hit or miss for me...sometimes I dig the tot styles, sometimes they're really strange.
Regardless of my opinion, check it out for yourself because right now they're having an on-line sale of 25% off EVERYTHING & FREE SHIPPING!

It might just be worth that weird horse theme they had going on for a while.

Thanks for this one, Tran!

FREE shipping at

Working on some holiday crafty crafts? Why wait in line and fight your child (or yourself) to put down the candy up near the registers when you can buy from the comfort of your zip-up fleece jammers with a cup of cocoa in hand? is offering FREE SHIPPING until December 6th.

coupon code: SCD001

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


If your tot loves a.j. as much as mine does......then stock up.

Safeway brand apple juice is $1.99 right now.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's better than babies in fuzz and cheap photos of it?

My friend, Tran, sent me these awesome wintery finds. ENJOY!

LL Bean has Trail Model Fleece Hat and Mitten Set for toddlers for $5 with free shipping using coupon code 3004797

Snapfish offers 20% off on all the photo products --- coupon code is BESTSELLERS08 at check out

Monday, December 1, 2008

Today ONLY at Old Navy On-line

A) save 20% on your order with promotion code: SAVENOW
B) free shipping with promotion code: ONEDAY

I bought some tights and a shirt...for a grand total of $4.74.

Act fast, this ends today, December 1.