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Monday, December 22, 2008

ho, ho, HUNGRY!



They are having an 80% off deal on all gift certificates until December hurry!

Here's what I just got:

3 - $25 gift certificates to Rok Bistro
each one for $10 each
minus the 80% discount =

Grand Total of:
$75 of food at Rok Bistro for $6

in the "enter discount code" box, enter the code HOLIDAY

Consider this my Christmas gift to you & your fellow diners.


The Atwood's said...

I looked and for our area a $25 certificate is $10 but you have to spend atleast $35 to use it. Is that the same way yours are?

Atwoods said...

yes, it's $10, but after you enter the discount code you will get 80% off. and in some of the restaurants you do have to spend $35. But realize you are getting around $35 worth of food for the $2 the certificate costs you and the $10 out of $35 of food for $12. Not bad.

Beckie said...

Ok! I just printed off my coupons! There were restaurants in Denver so we're good - mine were also minimum purchase to use but I'm like you, I'll get $50 of food for $25?!?!? Good deal - I LOVE THE SAVVY SHOPPER! :)

hteuscher said...

I am a dork - I wrote on your other blog, but I totally love the deal (and I do check the savvy shopper!)! I am with you, any money off is great! it was just a little confusing at first, but now I have an excuse to dine on cheesy goodness for half price:) Love the Savvy Shopper!

Lindsay said...

Our families are like two peas in a pod! I opened our advent calendar yesterday morning and shoved inside were two $25 certificates for Rok Bistro! We love!