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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The After Christmas Gifts...

...can be found at WILLIAMS SONOMA DOT COM.

Mix your neighborly give-aways with these fabulous spatulas
(I don't care what anyone says...WS spatulas are the greatest EVER!)

Green Silicone Spatulas & Spoonulas:

small: $2.99

med: $2.99

large: $3.99

And here's an idea for your neighborly give-aways next year

Stained-Glass Holiday Cookie Cutters, set of 4: $5.99

Hang these personalized babies in order to score on lots of treats from Santa!

Personalized Holiday Cutwork Stockings:

non-personalized: $7.99

personalized: $9.99

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Bryan and Emily said...

Hailey, I found this blog and have been LOVING it for a few weeks now. Didn't know who was the sponsor until I curiously clicked through a few clicks today and discovered it was and old friend. Thanks for the great shopping tips. And I found your family blog by the have a beautiful little gal on your hands. Congratulations on that front. Hope all is well in your world, you definitely look beautiful and sound happy.
Emily (Toy) Buckley

By the way, if you want to check out my blog send me an email to and I'll invite you to ours.