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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Safeway must be butter cuz it's on a rizz-oll

I apologize to DSS readers that do not shop at Safeway...the past few posts must be totally boring for you. I promise to come up with some good finds for you too in the next little while.

For those of you who are Safeway shoppers ---- Hoo-Dilly!
These babies are on sale 10 for $10...obviously a buck a bag. I know that you could probably buy the big guy at Costco for the same price or possibly cheaper, but these little bags-o-goodies are SO convenient!

Why so convenient? Where do I keep them?
*diaper bag- check
*car console & back seat of car- check, check
*pantry- check
*stroller basket- check
*church bag - check
*stocked up in the garage for future use- check
*basically liquified and in an IV bag pumping through mine and my child's veins- check, check
PS- Do the multi-colored goldfish freak anybody out besides me?

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

The small bags are the way to go! The big hunk-o-costco carton goes stale too quickly for people that only eat them on occasion.

And side note...I just got an email that all Old Navu clearance items are an additional half off! In-store and online!