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Friday, May 8, 2009

Men: This is what women REALLY want

Mother's Day is a couple days away.

Whether she's a mom or not, women need a day of pampering.

Here are a few cheap, nay, FREEEEEEE suggestions.

1- Foot rub by You.
And you can't act like it's out of obligation.

2- All dishes clean & put away.
By someone other than Her.

3- Delicious dinner.
Made by someone other than Her.

4- If there are children nearby, wrangle them up and DO NOT let them interrupt her sleep.
In fact, if you have a guest room, she wants to sleep in there with the door locked.
(this was a suggestion from a friend)

5- A home-made Mother's Day card from you & some scribbles from the tots.
6- Fresh picked flowers from your (or your neighbor's) garden.

7- Go ahead & put that card & the flowers on her breakfast in bed tray.
But don't deliver that tray until after 10am.

8- The ever-famous home-made coupon book with useful coupons you will HAPPILY honor.

9- Hidden notes around the house of the top 100 reasons why you adore her & think she's the world's greatest!

10- A day without telling her she should stop reading Dear Savvy Shopper b/c she's now spending more than she's saving.

That ought to keep her happy & your budget from being blown.

Ladies, feel free to add any other suggestions in the comment section.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Fabulous Women I know!


Ashley said...

I am going to forward this to a certain husband I know. Brilliant.

Tyler said...

Your list makes me uncomfortable too. (see Ashley's post)

Danielle said...

I just emailed this to my husband, hehe! This is by far the best list every. Usually lists consists of buy, buy, buy to make a women feel special, but that's totally not me. I just want to feel like a queen for a day.