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Friday, October 16, 2009


Godiva Rewards Club

So my friend, MaryBeth left this tasty little tip on a comment...& I quote:
"If you sign up for a Godiva Rewards Card, you get a free piece of chocolate every month!! NO JOKE!! I wouldn't do that to a pregnant lady! All you do is bring in your Rewards Card, they scan it, and you pick whatever piece of deliciousnes you want!"

What do you have to lose?  Well, definitely not lbs.




Ashley said...

I signed up immediately. Now I gotta get myself a hazelnut-chocolate oyster STAT! Love this tip.

hteuscher said...

Dear Savvy Shopper,
You always have super cute thank you notes. I am going to need some but have strong feelings against cards costing $1 a piece! Where should I go for cheap, but cute thank you notes???

-my brain has no creative signature...

Atwoods said...

dear note card seeker...
i LOAD up on thank you cards at joints like these:
michaels ($ bins)
target ($ bins)
target (stationary section keep your eyes open for the CLEARANCE tagged items)
occasionally IKEA in the frame/gift wrap section

hope that helps!